Quality Control Inspections

Quality control inspections of ecommerce products are an absolute necessity if you want to ensure that your products reach the customers in the condition they deserve and that your business reputation stays unblemished by damaged goods being returned. Here are six main reasons why every ecommerce company needs to have quality control inspections as part of their regular business practices.

Product consistency

When you sell a physical product online, especially if it’s a consumable item like food or clothing, it’s important to make sure you aren’t selling more of it than you have in stock. Without regular inspections of your inventory and quality control checks of your suppliers, you risk running out of products when customers place orders. 

This can lead to unhappy customers and ultimately lost sales. A mistake with an eCommerce business is about losing $10 in revenue for every $1 you spend on making changes; imagine how much money that could cost if one mistake affected thousands of people (which could happen)! Running a business is all about learning from mistakes, so be proactive about preventing them before they occur by implementing quality control inspections from Quality Inspection companies in China and supplier checks regularly.

Reduced returns

First and foremost, quality inspections allow you to improve customer satisfaction. When customers receive a defective product, they are unhappy (understatement) and will likely return it. By conducting inspections before shipments are made, you can ensure that only products of appropriate quality are sent out for delivery. Product liability: In addition to keeping your customers happy, you’ll also reduce your risk of product liability claims. If someone is injured by your company’s product because it was improperly designed or manufactured, you could be liable for damages in a court of law. Reviewing your production line is an easy way to minimize legal exposure in case anything goes wrong with future shipments – and those inspection reports will help you prove that steps were taken to prevent any defects from being shipped out in the first place!

Better ranking in search engines

Your website, as well as your eCommerce products and content, are put under a microscope during our inspection. When we’re finished, you’ll have greater visibility on search engines and a much higher chance of converting visitors into customers. Lower chances of negative reviews: third party pre-shipment inspections are a great way to make sure your company is doing everything possible to keep both current and potential customers happy. A survey published by The Three Stigmas showed that 60% of consumers say they would be less likely to purchase from an online shop if they read negative customer reviews. And since quality control is crucial in protecting customers from issues like product defects, manufacturing mistakes, or late deliveries; it’s also important for keeping these negative reviews at bay.

Satisfied customers

Ecommerce sellers live and die by their reviews. In fact, according to recent research, a 1-star increase in a product’s average review rating can lead to an increase of as much as 9% in annual revenue. These numbers should not be ignored – your customers can make or break your ecommerce business. If a customer buys something that breaks or does not work upon arrival, that customer is more likely to leave a negative review for your business, resulting in lost revenue for you. As such, keeping quality high is imperative to success; regular inspections help ensure it.

Perfect product photos

Whether you’re selling off-the-shelf or custom products, it’s important to take clear, crisp photos of each item. Without professional photography that highlights your product in its best light, customers will turn to other options where they can clearly see what they’re buying. If you’re interested in taking product pictures on your own, try an app like Retouch for quick and easy editing features. You might be surprised at how well it works! Another option is to ask a friend with a professional camera or ask if someone at work has a quality camera and lens available for use.

Speed to market

The number one goal of every e-commerce company is to get products on their customers’ doorsteps as quickly as possible. With a quality control inspection in place, you can ensure that your products will be up to your high standards and ready for shipment. And if there are any issues that arise, you have time to make sure they’re fixed before anything ships out. No matter how efficient your production or shipping process is, there are always going to be delays somewhere along the line, so giving yourself some extra time just makes sense from a business perspective. And from a customer satisfaction standpoint, imagine opening up your package only to find something broken or otherwise damaged.

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