Best 10 Health Insurance Plans with OPD Cover

Health insurance plans with OPD coverage are quite popular today. OPD stands for the outpatient department. A typical health insurance policy only covers hospitalization expenses and requires the patient to be hospitalized for a minimum of 24 hours. Many of the expenses, such as diagnostic tests, doctor’s consultation charges, health checkups, medical bills, dental treatments, etc., do not require any hospitalization. But these expenses can be quite steep for the policyholders to shell out of their own pockets.

It is reported that over 60% of the medical treatment costs can be attributed to OPD expenses. Policyholders who suffer from chronic or lifestyle diseases often require multiple hospital (OPD) visits. Several major surgeries also entail post-surgical medication & care. This imposes a severe financial burden on the patients. So health insurance with OPD cover is not a choice but a necessity today.

Top Health Insurance Plans With OPD Cover

Many policies do not cover OPD charges and merely provide it as an add-on cover. But a comprehensive health insurance policy should ideally cover the cost of outpatient treatment too. The list of the ten best health insurance plans that also provide OPD coverage is given below:

1) Navi Health Insurance:

Navi is a new-age player in the health insurance segment. It offers a simple and a seamless experience for policyholders. With the Navi App, the policy can be bought within 2-3 minutes, and cashless claims are settled within 20 minutes. It provides customizable plans with a coverage of up to Rs.1 crore for individuals & families. 

Navi offers one of the best health insurance plans with OPD cover. The OPD coverage extends to doctor consultations, medicine, lab tests, dental treatments, and spectacle & hearing aids which is especially beneficial for senior citizens.

2) Bajaj Allianz Tax Gain Plan:

This is a family floater health insurance policy. It provides extensive coverage for the entire family that includes hospital & OPD expenses. Personalized plans are available for senior citizens. The policy covers OPD treatments with no waiting period. The expenses related to dental treatments, dentures, crutches, and spectacles are covered as consumable expenses. You can also get tax benefits under section 80D.

3) Apollo Munich Maxima:

Apollo Munich Maxima is a unique plan that covers both in-patient & outpatient expenses. It is one of the top health insurance plans in India with OPD cover. Pre-existing diseases that require OPD treatments are also covered with a zero waiting period. The OPD coverage is beneficial for the treatment of minor or regular illnesses. As per the plan, you can get 4/6/8 doctor consultations. Medical bills, diagnostic lab tests, and dental treatments are covered under OPD.

4) ICICI Lombard Complete Health Insurance:

This policy provides comprehensive coverage with an option to include the entire family under a floater plan. With its special OPD cover, you can avoid all the out-of-pocket costs of routine medical expenses. There is no upper limit on room rent, no co-payment clause, and no mandatory health checkups for policyholders up to 45 years of age. The waiting period is just two years for pre-existing diseases if the policy sum insured is Rs.3 lakhs & above.

5) Star Outpatient Care Insurance Policy:

This offering by Star Health Insurance is a specific health insurance plan with OPD coverage. The minimum sum insured is Rs.25,000 and the maximum sum insured is Rs.1 lakh under this plan. Individuals in the 18-50 age group can purchase the policy for individual or family coverage. It covers medical consultation charges, pharmacy bills, diagnostic tests, physiotherapy, AYUSH treatments, and dental & eye treatments. The policy offers a 25% discount on premiums after two continuous claim-free years.

6) Niva Bupa Go Active Medical Insurance:

Niva Bupa (formerly Max Bupa) is one of the leading private health insurance companies in India. It is one of the select few insurers that provide direct claims settlement without the involvement of third-party agents. The stand-out feature of this scheme is that it provides up to 10 OPD consultations every year. You can also book diagnostic tests on a cashless basis worth up to Rs.2,500 per person per year. 

7) SBI Arogya Plus Plan:

SBI General Insurance is part of the famed SBI group. It enjoys the distinction of having served nearly ten crore customers since 2009. The SBI Arogya Plus scheme provides complete care to the entire family at a flat premium. Medical checkups are not mandatory for up to 55 years. OPD charges are covered up to specified limits for consultations, teleconsultations, and other treatments. Long-tenure policies & family covers are eligible for attractive discounts. Health insurance with OPD coverage is beneficial for people requiring frequent doctor visits and prolonged medication.

8) Care Health Insurance:

OPD coverage is available as an add-on benefit along with Care health insurance policies. Although it is an optional benefit, it is always advisable to choose the OPD cover to derive the most comprehensive protection. It covers the expenses of diagnostic tests, doctor consultations, investigative tests, and pharmacy bills. Senior citizens and immuno-compromised individuals can save a lot of money by purchasing an OPD cover.

9) Digit Healthcare Plus OPD Insurance:

Digit Insurance offers a completely paperless procedure, from purchasing a policy to filing a claim. Over three crore Indians have reposed their trust in Digit. This insurance plan with OPD coverage can take care of professional consultations, diagnostic procedures, minor surgical treatments, medical bills, and dental treatments.

10) HDFC Ergo Maxima:

HDFC Ergo Health Insurance is one of the well-established health insurers in India. The Maxima plan is its unique offering that takes care of major and minor health issues. The OPD cover offers a choice of 4/6/8 doctor consultations, medical bills, diagnostic tests, specialist services, and annual health checkups. OPD cover is available for pre-existing diseases without any waiting period.


While buying a health insurance policy, most people only focus on the major healthcare expenses that arise due to chronic ailments and complicated surgeries. Very often, the minor but finer elements are completely forgotten. But these smaller expenses can cumulatively add up to a significant amount every year. Buying health insurance plans with OPD coverage can help you save a lot, along with attractive tax benefits.

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